UPDATED: Local Runners Complete Boston Marathon

UPDATED 7:17 P.M.: Several area runners completed the Boston Marathon today. The following is the original blog post, edited with times for each of the finishers, removing names of three runners who didn’t run or finish, and a note at the bottom to include notable performances for a couple of North Dakotans.

It’s the oldest, and perhaps most prestigious, marathon in the world. And today several people from the region are among the 25,000 runners signed up for the 113th Boston Marathon.

You can track the progress of local runners online, or go to the above link to find instructions on how to watch it live. The race begins at 9 a.m. central time, except for the elite women, which starts at 8:32 a.m. Several Minnesotans and North Dakotans entered to run, and the following is a list of those who live within about an hour’s drive or so from Fargo-Moorhead:


Breckenridge: Steve Bratlie (3:15:43), Jerry Rick (4:26:08)

Fergus Falls: Joan Klooster (3:56:36)

North Dakota

Fargo: Dave Breznay (3:22:07), Kimberly Christianson (4:02:56), Thomas Donaldson (4:06:16), Lee Hoedl (4:23:08), Dianne Kenney (3:51:59), Jodi Roper (3:45:35), Diane Rusness (4:02:56)

Lisbon: Gina Aalgaard Kelly (3:28:48)

Valley City: Deb Beilke (3:50:25)

West Fargo: Stacey Clouse (3:48:38), Leith Swanson (3:41:04), Raymond Wohl (3:18:30)

Reiles Acres: Sarah Wuebker (3:38:11)

Luverne: Jon Owen (3:27:39)

Other notable performances: Former Fargo Marathon Chad Wallin of Minot finished in 2:40:48, good for 195th overall. Fellow Minot harrier Abraham Wengel finished in 109th with a 2:35:43 mark.