Trampling Through The Snow

Snowflakes the size of quarters gave me reason to pause this morning. It’s been a while since we’ve had to run through the snow, and I was thankful for the company.

It took a few extra minutes to gear up for the run, but once I made it out the door, I settled into a nice, easy pace. Extra layers always slow me down but I marveled at the snow as I headed south to meet a friend for our usual Monday run.

Once we turned north, though, we took on the brunt of the winter storm: those large snowflakes melted and froze into my eyes, making it difficult to see. At least I wore a headlamp and red flashing light – maybe I couldn’t see but others would see me.

The run also served as a good reminder about dressing properly for winter running. For tips, click here.

After a 50-minute loop, I swung by home to pick up Riley, hoping to get another 30 minutes of running. And if there was any question about his love for the snow, it was answered today. He trampled and trudged through the snow, stopping to bury his head in the fluffy white stuff every so often in an attempt to scrape the ice off his schnoz.

Overall, nearly 9 miles in today’s snowstorm – a great way to kickoff the winter running season.

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