The Dam Good Run

It’s 5 weeks to the Fargo Marathon.

Simultaneously it seems like the time has crawled along and before I know it, another week has passed on the calendar.

The rollercoaster weeks of training mean that I’m not ready.

There’s not even a whisper of hope in that statement. And I won’t be ready when Grandma’s Marathon rolls around a month later.

And I’m certain not ready for the Dam Good Run, a 40K trail race circumnavigating a man-made lake in the desert.  But it will be a new adventure and solid miles for a training run.

Outside of actually running the Boston Marathon, that’s exactly what motivates me — new adventures.

Last year, an ambitious plan designed for an epic year of running served as motivation for early treadmill speed work or sweaty after-work distance.

As this year stretched on, there was no plan for an epic adventure. No internal alarm telling me to balance moves, a new puppy and other obligations so I could get in mileage.

Until recently.

A group run primed the imagination.

It’s been several years since I’ve done one of the Ragnar Relays. But the ultra division — with 6 runners rather than 12 — always piqued my interest. Within a couple days, friends from Fargo and Grand Forks committed. I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face over the following few days.

And there it was — an epic adventure worthy of pursuit. Brainstormed over a beer with a buddy after a Tuesday night group run.

Ill-prepared for spring marathons and a fall race not yet determined, an ultra relay later this summer seems perfect. For the mind. For motivation. For training. For sharing an experience with friends.

And that Dam Good Run should be the perfect start to the race season.