Spin Through The Snow

So I’m back in the cold, wintery Northland, but I’m anxious to make a push to improve my fitness heading into spring. A bit of cold – and a lot of snow overnight – isn’t going to dim my enthusiasm.

Check again with me when the thermometer dips to nearly minus-30 on Wednesday night. I might lose a lot of enthusiasm.

Last night was one of those difficult nights in which I simply couldn’t sleep well. When I finally fell asleep, it was only for a few hours, and then I tossed and turned. After several hours, I decided to get up and do what I was hoping: Jumped on the indoor bicycle trainer and ride.

Sure, the snow piled up outside. Several inches of snow layered perfectly on the fence outside. No worries as I slipped a Spinerval DVD into the machine and followed along on my bike for nearly 105 minutes.

The workout wasn’t particularly brutal: instead, it is designed to build technique and time trial mechanics. It was long, though, especially after spending 2 weeks off the bike. It also didn’t make me tired, and proved no cure for sleeplessness. I found myself with more energy to burn. If I’m lucky, that will mean a run tonight before the temps drop to levels where staying indoors is the only option.