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Ongoing journey

After a couple years of blogging, many of the same questions come up among readers, especially when they’re preparing for a big race. It depends on when someone discovers the blog, and at where they’re at in their evolution of running.

To answer some of the most frequent questions, I’m dedicating some pages to those topics that every runner faces: nutrition and diet, hydration, injuries, types of workouts and pre-race issues. To address some of these issues, I may reach back and borrow from my archives and write more extensively on the subject after some research.

While I’m not an expert, I’ve learned a lot along the way. It’s my hope to share what I’ve learned along my journey. To learn more, scroll down on my blog’s homepage to the “Trials of Miles” heading and find the associated links under the “Science of running” link. Check back as I continue to add more pages there in hopes of helping the runners reach their performance potential.

If there’s a topic or issue you’d like to see addressed, please make a suggestion by dropping me a note. Happy trails!

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  1. Steve-just saw your article/blog in the paper. I love running/sprints & the like also. You should check out some of the trails in and around Walker–as(I am biased) they are some of the most BEAUTIFUL out there, also. The temp is always a touch warmer and wind factor is less as there are more trees & shelter. Less people and more lakes make the whole thing just a total blessing. My fav. is of corse-right outside my door-N Kabekona Road going North(toward Cass) or running to Walker. Or the other day I took the road and ran around Kabekona Bay. Also-if u park @ the Benedict store and run to town(or at least the 1st junction)it is such a sight. Once last summer I parked @ Pine River & ran to Nisswa & back. That was SO COOL!
    Rachel MK Spry

    PS-My goal this past summer was to try & cover the most of the PB trail as I could. Of corse the snow fell and I got busy again–so I’ll continue that next summer. Life happens. Aren’t u glad we’re a part of it? :))

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for the note and suggestions. I’m looking forward to running all the different trails, and maybe finding a few new ones. It’s a major benefit of living here in Bemidji.

      I’ve run some of the trails around Walker – I used to run the Heartland Trail regularly in the summers. I appreciate the tips… happy running!

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