Running Through The Fog

As I was getting ready to go out this morning for a run, a quick glance through the window prompted me to take a second look. I don’t remember the last time I saw such a heavy fog lying over the neighborhood. Undeterred, I headed out with Riley.

Less than a block from home, I realized how cool it was to be running through the fog with my dog. Visibility wasn’t really an issue, but it just left me with this surreal feeling that
you just don’t get everyday. More and more, I feel like an adventure runner who is looking for new experiences and opportunities to run. This summer I’ve run hills, forest trails, a marathon, speed sessions in the heat and now through fog. All these experiences not only make me a better and more fit runner, they make me feel like I did as a college student – a time when I set out for adventure and exploration.

3 Responses

  1. tkurtz - better path

    Fog – A true sign fall is on the way. Getting into outdoor fitness I’ve been longing for those 55 degree days to hit the trail. Good luck with St. Paul coming up. I’ll be doing my first inline marathon in Winnipeg in 2 weeks. Then the big one in Duluth 9/13.

  2. Steve Wagner

    Thanks buddy, keep up the great work and don’t let the hills get you discouraged. You probably were on the downward slide already if you got sick, and it’s tough to workout through that. Get better, keep nailing your workouts and everything will turn out well. We’ll help motivate each other through the TC Marathon!

  3. Z-man

    Steve, still enjoying your blog and it is sure helping my motivation. I agree with your comment about enjoying the different experiences every run brings. I did a 6 mile hill work out in the cities this weekend and lets just say the hills won (I also came down with the flu the next day so that might have had something to do with it). Keep up the training hope to see you at the Twin Cities Marathon, I’ll be watching your back.

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