Run Happy, Race Angry

Heading into a 12-miler this morning, I had a little bit of apprehension due to an erratic training schedule – particularly as I start to think about all my goals for 2012.

It’s funny how perspective changes.

And it’s always fun to run with another person, which helped keep the pace even and pass the time. A few miles indoors can be torture alone, but a dozen indoors with a friend and it goes by so fast.

Somewhere during the run, though, my new running friend said something that struck me. He talked about running angry one day last summer after a disappointing performance in a spring marathon. He set out water bottles along a 26.2-mile route and promptly went out and nailed his time goal. Several months later he repeated it in a race, helping him qualify for the Boston Marathon.

My mantra for the year is “pursue your passion.” That’s one of the reasons I ended up in Bemidji – a mecca of trails and outdoors that will give me the opportunity to run trails more often. But I also have another motto: Run happy, race angry.

There are so many goals I’ve set up this year, and many of them are ambiguous. Run more trails. Complete an ultramarathon (or two). Set a few PRs along the way. The only way I can figure to reconcile these goals is to run happy on the trails to log miles, work hard in speed workouts and race angry in my key races.

I’ve already started some weight training to help build strength, and I’m looking at adding biking to my routine. But lifting weights and riding bike won’t take time away from running, they will be additions. And that means I’ll have to eat better, recover better and train smarter. In the end, this is more than a passion or pursuit – it’s a lifestyle.

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  1. Kelly

    Great thoughts! You are a far better runner than I am, but I have been surprised at what cross training, particularly weights, has done for my endurance.

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