Room To Roam

Reviewing the neatly typed numbers on the spreadsheet outlining my training schedule for the St. George (Utah) Marathon provided a bit of a surprise.

For weeks, I had been working back into a consistent running routine, gaining strength for the hard work needed over the summer. There were no eye-popping numbers in my running log, just consistent short runs to encourage my legs to bounce back and prepare for the trial of miles ahead.

A month ago, I charted the Hanson’s Marathon Method program into a spreadsheet but didn’t commit the details to memory. Last weekend, my review showed it would start this week — ready or not.

The surprise left little time for anxiety about my ability to hammer out a speed workouts after last Saturday’s Red River Run 15K in Fargo and an 8-miler the following day. Dutifully, though, I rose early on Tuesday for the first one interval session: 12 quarter-mile repeats. Optimism and satisfaction filled my mind during my cool down jog through a Grand Forks neighborhood, where I reflected on completing each repeat within my goal pace.

The biggest success, though, had nothing to do with running. Instead, the biggest win was the fence installation in my backyard, where Coby now has the room to run and roam safely while I enjoy hanging out on summer evenings.

Backyard1 Backyard2