Renewed And Repaired

After another adjustment at the chiropractor this morning, I’m heading over to the expo for the Fargo Marathon. Normally, I don’t like to spend a bunch of time at these, but I’m hoping to run into some friends and walk away without spending much money.

I’m a self-admitted gear junkie, and it’s hard not to look at the flashy new clothes and gadgets coming out every spring and summer. And with a renewed faith in my running, after some help from the chiropractor, I may just need to buy a few new items.

Out on a run Wednesday, my leg locked up and I found myself right back to the same place I was a week earlier. And while I’ve figured out the physical problems – the effect, so to speak – I’m still searching for the cause. It seems to be narrowed down to a couple things.

Earlier this week, I tried breaking in a new shoe model. Naturally, I’m one who likes to experiment, so that means trying new types of shoes, but my hunch is that has been a big part of my problem. At least the time line seems to fit.

As runners, we’ve all been told not to try anything new on race day. It seems I might need to take it a step further, and stop experimenting with new types of shoes. The shoes I’ve been running in the previous 4 years worked fine, I just like to experiment. But I might have learned my lesson. In short: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.