Dreadmill Games_1.20.16

Dreadmill Games

The dog doesn’t even want to go outside. And who can blame him? Coby likes poking his head out the sliding patio window, but it’s become a game to him. Maybe he can coax another treat out of me. He sits next to the large glass door, patiently waiting for me to slide it open…
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Finding Recovery

Time, mileage, pace. The blue ink of numbers, scribbled in a daily mileage log, offer proof of workouts won and lost. Some argue that numbers don’t lie, but only the person filling in the squares really knows what each numeral really represents. There are good days and bad. Sacrifices and sweat. Some days don’t offer…
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Wrestling With Recovery

With all the time put into training for a goal race, a lot of attention is put into getting the details right: specific workouts, tapering, eating properly, getting enough rest, managing stress, race strategy and travel. Missing one of those elements can derail months of running on race day. And then there’s the big question once…
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A Well Of Motivation

Not many runners can claim they made it through a marathon alone. There are months of training runs, support from family and friends, inspiration from unlikely places — even from strangers cheering or running the same event. As a group, runners are gritty, optimistic and determined. Aches and pains may knock us down, but they…
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Art Of The Marathon

A half moon towered above. Stars speckled the pre-dawn sky. The faint heat from nearby bonfires buffered the morning chill in the Pine Mountains. At the starting line of the St. George Marathon, at 5,243 feet above sea level, thousands huddle for the start on a highway desolate 364 other days of the year. It’s in this place, on…
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