The Quest For Numbers

With the running boom from last decade continuing to show no signs of ending, major marathons continue competing to attract runners and retain past years’ finishers. Many were astonished to learn Grandma’s Marathon filled by Dec. 31. Motivation to sign up for a major anniversary — Grandma’s is celebrating its 40th rendition in June — was…
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Time To Get Moving

Joining a training or running group can be life changing. Besides meeting terrific new friends and expanding your social circle, a group offers plenty of benefits for your running. Most notably, running groups are a great way to learn about new and improved training methods and principles. A group also builds in accountability to set…
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2 Night Rule

There are certain rules that just can’t be broken. At least not without consequences. And cheating only sets you up for disappointment. Sure, you might get away with it on occasion, there are some aspects of running that you just can’t ignore. If you want to run well — in training or racing — you…
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