Obsessed With Staying Warm

For those who have regularly read this blog, you’ve seen a common thread in the past several weeks. Yes, we live in a part of the world where the weather helps define us – our character, our hobbies, our way of life – and I’m obsessed with staying warm.

Last winter I wouldn’t even venture outside to run. This year, I’ve scheduled my runs to get outside as often as possible – but I usually jump on the treadmill if the temps dip south of minus 15 degrees. Still, I continue to search for the perfect winter running gear, took up cross country skiing this winter and constantly browse the Internet looking for the latest and warmest clothing.

The cross country skiing experiment has been a big bonus so far, offering a low impact workout and giving me a chance to go outside. Despite the bitter temperatures, running and skiing this year have helped me enjoy this winter more than any I can recall.

On one final note, for those who read my blog yesterday, I need to apologize. In its original form, it wasn’t done and I posted it instead of saving a draft. So, last night, I reworked it and finished my thoughts. Happy running!