Jogging The Dog

It’s not uncommon for Coby, my Golden retriever, to find himself attending doggie daycare during the week.

Personally, I’m a huge proponent of getting dogs together, especially at a young age, to help them socialize and get plenty of exercise. It’s something I started with Riley, my previous Golden, and a tradition I continue with Coby, now 20-months-old. You can read some blogs about Riley here and here — or an entire thread of posts.

Each time I pick Coby up, it’s the same drill: someone goes to fetch him from the play area, and then he barrels down the hallway and launches himself at the steel door — where he stretches his neck to peek through the window. By now, he should now he can’t open the door with brute force, but he does it anyway. As the door swings open, he sprints and leaps at me, often reaching back to snatch his leash with his mouth.

It makes me chuckle every time. So does the happiness depicted by the photo of Coby below.


During the brief wait today, I noticed a clipboard containing flyers with the large words “The Dog Jog.” It’s the latest addition to this blog’s race calendar, and a Facebook link to the April 18 event in Grand Forks’ Lincoln Park can be found here. The event benefits the Circle of Friends Humane Society. Below is a photo of Riley, running with me and my pal Jason, at the Filthy 5K several years ago.

RIley, Jason and me


Once Coby and I returned home, I finally made the commitment to Saturday’s 25K at the Sandhills Ultra Run Experience on Saturday. It will be my first trail experience in North Dakota and as memorable as the time I spent running gravel roads near the town of New England while Riley and some friends went pheasant hunting. Here are a few photos from that trip.

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