How Will It End?

From my Facebook news feed, it looks like there’s been some pretty amazing efforts by runners. Congratulations to all the people who have finished races, including today’s Twin Cities Marathon. Here’s the website to search for TCM results.

Also, I was reminded  about a great race every fall in north Moorhead – the Filthy 5K hosted by Beyond Running. I couldn’t quite make it this year, but this great fun run is a great way to celebrate the spirit of running and I’d highly recommend it next year if you’ve never had a chance to participate.

There was also some pretty big news in the running world lately – and I’m not referring to the marathon world record broken at the Berlin Marathon. While that’s a pretty big deal, our region saw a major move when Fargo Marathon Inc. announced it purchased the Dick Beardsley Half Marathon in Detroit Lakes, Minn. Read the story here.

That could really be a game change for the running scene as Mark Knutson announced they’ll add a marathon to the event schedule, and considering the emphasis on marketing and building a rock concert-like atmosphere, this one could draw a lot of runners who are looking for a viable option or alternative to the Twin Cities Marathon.  A race website has already been setup and it was being promoted this weekend in St. Paul.

On a personal level, there are 4 more weeks to the New York City Marathon. This past Saturday, I hammered out a grueling 18-mile run in the hills, and I am tweaking my training as I enter the final month of preparation.

But I’ve been wondering how my streak of consecutive days will end. At this point, it seems like there should be some significance to the end of The Streak, but I haven’t found a good way for it to end. Truthfully, it’s gone on much longer than I thought it would, but it likely won’t end in the next week or two because of my mileage goals.

Two streaks did come to an end this weekend, though. Since some time in July, I had run more miles than the previous week. Going back further, my weekend long run had been longer than the previous week, too. Still, I managed to pile on 60 miles in a “cut down week” before having one or two big mileage weeks.

The Streak, which I started simply to keep myself going, has to end sometime this month as I give my body time to heal and rebuild itself for the marathon challenge ahead. But how will it end?