Hot Tub Therapy

During my vacation in Arizona last week, running never felt so easy. The miles just clicked off as each morning I awoke to head out the door and just put one leg in front of the other.

It came as a surprise mainly because I had run a marathon just a week earlier and my legs didn’t feel the effects from the race. Most days, I found myself holding back, not wanting to overdue it and set back my recovery. Never had running felt so easy.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt when those workouts come in perfect weather: temps in the low 50s, no wind, no clouds.

This week has been another story. Each day, my legs have been sore and heavy. Even today, when I logged 4 miles, it was the same. The first mile felt like 3, the second seemed like 4.

While in Arizona, each afternoon I made my way over to the resort’s pool and hot tub. Can it really make that big of a difference? I’m starting to believe that it can. There’s something relaxing, refreshing and therapeutic about being in a pool or hot tub. There has to be a correlation.

After 5 days of running back in Fargo, tomorrow I’ll head out for my longest run since the marathon. Part of me is excited, but I’m feeling some anxiety, too. My longer runs before the marathon were not easy, and I don’t imagine this one will be either. I’m just hoping to get out for 14-16 miles, clear my head and enjoy a couple hours out on the roads.

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