Growing The Golden Pack

The thought of bringing home another Golden retriever has crossed my mind for years.

Riley, my first Golden, was a terrific runner and an old soul. He was friendly, eager, athletic and devoted. Many mornings, we ran together, and he often accompanied me to races.

When cancer struck, it was unexpected and early. And devastating.

I didn’t like coming home without a Golden greeting, so my search for a breeder began. As luck would have it, Coby was available almost immediately, and I brought him home much earlier than anticipated. Starting out, he was a bit of a project, and it took some time for him to catch on. But he’s turned into a terrific pup.

But I always thought it would be good to have a second dog in the house, and a companion for those stretches while I’m away.

Resettled in Fargo, it didn’t take long for the idea to stick. A friend let me know about a Grand Forks family that regrettably was looking to give their young Golden a new home. With a baby and another dog already in the house, the young guy just was too much for them to handle. While I immediately responded, more than 20 people had already offered him a home.

But the thought was rekindled, and I quickly found another pup to consider.

After some questions and planning, I arranged to meet and bring Cooper home last Saturday.

He’s already won my heart over — bouncing around like a kangaroo, devouring his food like every meal is his last, and exploring the world with unbridled curiosity. So far, Coby has been showing him the ropes, and shown quite a bit of tolerance. He’s even started teaching him house rules.

Coby began running with me early — and one day soon I’m sure Cooper will join us. Until then, he’s enjoying being a pup, annoying his big brother and getting ready for a lifetime of exploration. My guess is that these 2 Golden boys will regularly show up on the blog as I get myself back in shape for racing in 2017 and a lifetime of running.

5 Responses

  1. Jaclyn Hollands

    So glad you joined the two dog bandwagon! It’s a fun ride. No rain checks this year! You’re bringing the pups out to play on the farm! Glad that friend sparked the idea 🙂

  2. Danielle Teigen

    These pictures of Cooper are almost as adorable as the real thing in person! I hope you’ll be bringing him to the office more!

  3. Wanda Fischer

    I’m not a runner (I walk my 2 goldens three miles each night, no matter the weather), but when I saw a golden in the title of your article, I had to click. Love the pictures; my husband, my kids, and I love love love our golden retrievers. Can’t imagine life without those two sweet boys. Best of luck with the little guy!

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