Friday The 13th – A Good Omen

I’ve never been a supersitious person, even in my youthful days as a baseball player, athletes who are known for their idiosyncracies and superstitions. But it wasn’t lost on me last night that my first post-chiropractic run would come this morning, at dawn of Friday the 13th.

However, I knew the run would tell me a lot about my running plans: Have I overtrained? Would I be able to run the Fargo Marathon? And would there be any chance to repeat the marathon distance at Grandma’s in Duluth next month? And, most importantly, is a dramatic drop in pace a sign of something much more serious going on?

Sounds dramatic, but after going to the chiropractor on Thursday, there was a chance all those answers could come in a simple morning run, 8 days from the Fargo Marathon.

The answer startled me.

While it was a simple 6+ mile run, it was like none I’ve experienced since the Surf City Marathon in early February. My goal was to run by effort.

In my mind, I thought about how during a race I’d have to push harder, but it felt good. Then the first mile split flashed on my watch: 2 minutes faster than my mile splits from Wednesday’s run. And the miles just seemed to fly by after that.

As I ran, I couldn’t help but think about some words from the chiropractor the day before: my pelvis, tailbone and ankles were seriously misaligned. My right leg pointed outward. The miles and miles of training hadn’t broken my body, they just mixed it up. When I first arrived at his office, I let him know that I had major issues, to the point where I was starting to look at non-orthopaedic answers. Even to the point where I wondered if I had a disease, disorder, a sports hernia or worse. “You’re my best hope to run,” I told him.

All yesterday, my ankles tingled and felt awkward. But I waited until today to see if I had found a fix.

It’s amazing how one good run can change your perspective. The answers appear all to simnple now: No I hadn’t overtrained. Yes I will run Fargo and Grandma’s. No, nothing serious is going on with my health, other than not taking my own advice and getting into the chiropractor early.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to celebrate by heading over to the Fargo Running Co., 1801 45th St. S., where the store is having a community group run. The 8 a.m. event is dubbed as a celebration to mark the completion of training for the Fargo Marathon. It’s free and offeres 3-mile, 6-mile and 12-mile routes for runners.