Dog Days And Cool Races

It’s hard to believe a week has passed since Fargo Marathon.

With all my runs this past week in the short to medium range, it’s a bit surprising how well my legs responded to jumping back on the roads — especially considering the aches and pains in the 12 hours immediately following the marathon prompted serious concerns that last year’s abdominal injury still hadn’t healed enough.

Each run, though, has started strong and has left me excited about the next one — boosting my confidence and outlook for Grandma’s Marathon, now less than 3 weeks away.  A 6-miler, including a stretch along the Red River in north Fargo, was the perfect start to the weekend, when Coby and Cooper spent much of Saturday outside basking in the sun.

In looking over the summer race calendar, this might just be the year I jump back into doing some shorter distances. Midweek races always appeal to me and there are a variety of weeknight races coming up. These are a great way to run some faster paces early in the training block for longer fall distances.

The camaraderie among runners in the Fargo-Moorhead area is unique, so these races should be a lot of fun:

Those who have read this blog for a few years may recall that I used to provide a race calendar, but it was a lot to keep tabs on. But I’ve compiled a list of websites with race listings (along with group run opportunities) and the Lake Agassiz Pacers’ calendar page also has quite a few listed.