Disrupting The Finish Line

Maybe they’re being clever, or simply coy, but Sunday’s planned protest at the Twin Cities Marathon certainly has a level of intrigue.

Each October, Minnesota’s signature fall marathon attracts thousands of runners, including hundreds from the Fargo and Grand Forks areas. It’s among the nation’s best and receives exceptionally high marks for being well-organized and picturesque. The race’s registered motto, The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America, has been earned.

But what will happen Sunday when the St. Paul chapter of Black Lives Matter disrupts the finish?

Neither race officials nor police are taking the threat lightly.

The protest is serious enough for marathon organizers to post updates on the event’s website. In a story by Runner’s World, the protest organizer’s comments are alarming.

In an interview with Runner’s World, Black Lives Matter protest organizer Rashad Turner said runner’s joining the event after finishing their races isn’t a suitable alternative.

“I don’t think that us allowing them to finish the race would make them wake up enough,” Turner told Runner’s World, adding they are using the Twin Cities Marathon to make their voices heard. “I think that life has to be disrupted.”

His group is willing to negotiate with race officials, but not the police.

And there’s another crucial statement Turner made to the magazine: “We have no plans to incite any type of violence or to be physical with any of the marathon runners. We just plan to be the finish line.”

Take a look at that last sentence again. Turned didn’t say protesters planned to be at the finish line, but that they plan to be the finish line.

This leaves a lot to the imagination, albeit it not many positive scenarios.

And it adds a whole lot of intrigue.


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  1. I.dare.dog.Moss

    Injecting a cause into an unrelated venue. Sort of like the Westboro (I won’t dignify them by calling them a Baptist Church) protesters?

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