Cooper Goes For A Run

The time seemed right, but the decision was about spontaneous as a last-second decision to swing through the drive-through for a caramel sundae.

On the last Tuesday of May, after putting on some running gear, Cooper would get his first chance to join me. While Coby started at a young age, eventually I backed off taking him on my morning runs because he was growing so fast. It was better to wait until he grew enough to manage short trips around the neighborhood.

So, on a picture-perfect morning, Coby and I logged a few miles before returning home, where I clipped the retractable leash to Cooper’s collar.

By the time we turned onto Broadway, he knew something was different.

Both dogs take frequent trips with me in the vehicle, experience a wide range of sights and sounds and tastes, and socialize well (even if they lack some manners).

On the run, though, Cooper was on full alert. When a city bus stopped nearby, so did he. He cocked his head and stared, and I realized that he was experiencing life from a whole new perspective.

Before long, the 1.4-mile loop  was over but I realized he’s going to be a pretty good running companion (and maybe not pull as much as his brother). About 15 minutes later, both boys ate their recovery bars — a large Milkbone for a job well done.

Early this morning, we did it all over again … except Cooper went first, and we reversed our loop. If nothing else motivates me, heading out with these boys should keep me going for years to come.