Comfort In The Grind

It’s surprising how quickly time and memories fade.

By Tuesday, just 3 days after Grandma’s Marathon, I headed out the door after work for a short run. A few days worth of rest from running and my legs had shed the last remnants of soreness. It didn’t feel fast, but the run felt easy.

Adding 6 miles each on Thursday and Friday, and 9 more fighting the prairie gales south of town on Saturday, and last weekend’s hot and humid race seems a distant memory. Looking back on race photos and it hardly seems possible that it happened.

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Ahead lies 18 more weeks of training before the New York City Marathon: hills, speedwork and long runs in the heat. Sprinkle in a few tactical races — ideally starting on July 4 and a few more in the fall — and it will seemingly pass in a blur.

The comfort will come in the grind of pushing through each day to find the brink of personal boundaries.