Build And Heal

In the week following the Pemberton Trail 50K, the warm days in the desert offered an opportunity to pile on miles.

Easy, flat footing, along with ideal temperatures, allowed me to easily log more than 45 miles, bringing my 8-day total to an all-time high. Near the end of my stay, I began reading the Hanson Marathon Method in preparation for spring and summer.

My return to Grand Forks also prompted a chance to take a few days off and regroup. Several months of running on an indoor track have taken its toll, leaving me sore and limping from ankle-related issues.

It’s a delicate balance: a process I refer to building and healing. The goal is to build fitness through escalating mileage for training and attempting to heal to allow for that training. It can be a grueling process and a bit of a guessing game, especially when there are days when I simultaneously want to hammer out a fast workout but feel the aches of the grind.

Lately, I tend to focus on smiling while running all those laps at the gym. It makes it easier, and more enjoyable. It doesn’t always have to be easy. But it always should be fun – and that’s what keeps me coming back day after day.