Blow Out The Carbon

An ominous forecast gave little hope for a drama-free 5K.

Nonetheless, after work, I zipped home and put on my running clothes, and anything short of lightning was not going to prevent a quick 3.1-mile spin to get some leg turnover before Grandma’s Marathon on Saturday.

A nice crowd showed up, and I liked the idea of the out-and-back route taking runners up and over the 12th Avenue North bridge before turning around. After pushing hard for the first mile, I dialed it back but gave an honest effort. It felt good to blow out the carbon, so to speak.

At this point, less than 60 hours from the starting gun at Grandma’s, there’s not much left to do. After a quick 2-mile prep on Friday, the trip to Duluth awaits.

The forecast for race day has been a rollercoaster for the past 10 days, with thunderstorms the predominant prediction. Last year, the weather looked lousy and there was a near-certain guarantee of rain — and then the skies cleared but left heat and humidity.

With a near-sellout, though, the stage is set for another memorable day between Two Harbors and Canal Park.