A Better Plan

Over the past few weeks, the importance of nutrition and recovery for workouts have weighing heavily on my mind, and so I needed to do a little soul searching and research.

Leading up to the Jan. 15 marathon I ran in Phoenix, there was something off but it took up until about a week before until I figured it out. For some reason, it just took my a while to figure out what was bugging me: my nutrition was off, mainly due to a very busy schedule and my lack of attention to it.

In short, I had neglected some important details of my routine. It’s not like I went crazy during the holidays – my weight was within a pound on Jan. 13 as it had been Nov. 1. Instead, it was what was lacking in my nutrition that had me struggling. Normally, weekly trips for groceries centered around getting my favorite fruits and vegetables. But for weeks I neglected this staple of my diet. Combined with another major mistake – failing to use solid recovery tactics – played a role in a general lack of excitement toward my workouts.

As I look forward to my goals for 2012, I spent some time this past weekend focusing on these topics. It helps to remember what worked in the past. Looking back to just last spring, I can point to 2 things: consistently running 10-milers during the week and a solid recovery plan.

On Saturday, I ran a 12-miler at a decent clip with a friend, and followed it up with a 10-mile run the next day. Midway through that second run, I was thinking about just ending it once I returned home with Riley. But something prompted me to head out for 4 more miles.

And pushing through that mental barrier, and realizing the importance of proper recovery, just energizes me to keep pushing. Once you establish the right mental outlook, and employ the right tactics to training and recovery, you start to build a foundation for the future.

Soon, I’ll be writing more on both nutrition and recovery, particularly important since I’ve put together a pretty ambitious plan for 2012.