Back To Bare Pavement

For several weeks, I’ve opted to spend most of my time running indoors, on a track, going in circles.

Instead of icy roads – coated thick and uneven like frosting on a homemade cake – offering up sketchy footing, I have opted for the comfortable confines of the Bemidji State recreation center.

But Sunday I decided to venture outside. For one, I was too impatient to wait for the center to open so I could start my 14-mile run. And I had plenty of other things I wanted to do and I wanted to finish the run so I could get on with my day.

Soon I discovered how nice it was to run on clear streets again. Those snow-packed roads, crusted in ice, had turned to bare pavement after a week of warmer weather, a sign the sunshine had done its duty as spring beckoned.

For the past few weeks, the difficulty of the long run had become more mental than physical. As I finished up Sunday’s run, I realized it hadn’t been that tough of a run, especially without the added challenge of staying upright. Unfortunately, this bonus was short lived as a winter storm, packed with several inches of fresh snow, arrived today.

As I shift into long-term training mode – with intentions of running Grandma’s Marathon in the midst of Ironman Wisconsin training – my schedule is beginning to become more clear. It’s obvious that I must focus on running less frequently while making sure the miles are high quality. In addition, I’m extending my swim workouts and slowly building my ability in the water. And I’ll have to add the final piece – the quality cycling workouts – to an already packed schedule.

It seems juggling 2 of the 3 sports is easily manageable, but it’s finding the balance for all three – and being comfortable with the balance – may be the biggest challenge.

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  1. Steve – congrats on the post at the herald! we’d love to get a media team at any/all of our endracing events – we’ve had good coverage in the past but never anything from actual racers (Tu-Uyen one of the night editors, has done some blog stuff however, and he’s raced with us loads). would be fun to get you or others out ‘in the action’ if you think that might work. know you’re training alot for Grandmas and an IM, but let me know if you’re interested. And an FYI/heads up – endracing is planning a full distance off road IM in 2014, up in the pembina gorge. going to be completely epic. (:

    1. Andy,
      Thanks for the note, I appreciate it. The 2014 IM sounds interesting and fun. Let’s chat once I get settled in GF… I start later in April. And currently I’m still planning on the END race in late April. Team STD is planning a return visit. Hope we can chat soon.

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