A View Toward Exploration

Vistas of the Sonoran Desert remain fresh in my mind: trees blooming in vivid shades, mountain ranges in every direction, towering columns of saguaro cacti.

A trail of hard-scrabble earth beckons my penchant for exploration.

Since returning home to the Midwest, snow and wind chills remain stuck in February, the memories and call of the trail offer the only antidote to a never-ending winter of discontent.

It’s been nearly two weeks since leaving Arizona.

A hard-packed covering of ice and snow blankets the ground. The wind chill toggles on either side of zero for days on end. Thick softshell jackets, winter running pants, balaclavas and windproof gloves with fleece lining remain within reach.

Stories, documentaries and movies of mountaineering feats and failures pass the coldest hours. Dreams of canyoneering and climbing deserts provide an escape. Read the rest at my new website.