A Spring In Your Step

With an unbridled excitement, Coby hurtled himself at me with the anticipation of a run outside.

Our runs together have been few and far between for the better part of 6 months, and few things make him happier than tagging along.

The sidewalks, soaked with snow melt, forced us to the street, where he pulled me along at a fast clip. There’s not much better for the soul than running in a T-shirt and shorts on a spring day when the temperatures soar into the 50s — it gives you an extra spring in your step to know that winter has faded for another year.

After a stretch of road, we made our way to the bike path along the Greenway, where puddles of snow melt awaited. At one point, we trampled over the snow and gingerly on the mushy grass. Soaked shoes and socks did nothing to diminish the exhilaration of our run.

Outings like these will be much more common with the calendar now stretching into early March. For a few more days, Coby will have piles of snow to cool off after our runs, and the kiddie pool will become his oasis soon.