A Pretty Good Day

After a day spent playing with other Goldens in the pool at doggie daycare, Coby came bounding out the door in a gleeful greeting.

Still wet from his afternoon splash, he bit the leash and led me outside.

At the time, he didn’t know it, but we were headed for a special treat — picking out toys at the local pet store. He greeted customers leaving the store, and a few employees just inside the door. We went through the toy aisles and then to the rows of treats.

With my hands full of squeaking toys and balls, and a couple packages of edibles, I dumped the haul on the counter. Then he joined me over at the gourmet treat buffet for an assortment of goodies.

By the time we were done picking out everything for his second birthday, I carried his leash in one hand and two bags of birthday presents out the door. Since I snuck a short run into my lunch hour, he had a chance to start playing when we arrived home, where I grilled up some mesquite chicken for dinner. All in all, probably a pretty good day in the life of a Golden retriever.

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