A New Path, A Grand Adventure

The past several days have been a bit hectic as I’ve received well wishes and congratulations from friends, family and former co-workers scattered across the country.

But for those who haven’t heard, I’ve accepted the editor’s job at the Grand Forks Herald, where I’ll start my new gig April 18. The outpouring of support is a bit humbling, as I’ve heard from hundreds of friends, and I’m honored to be joining a very talented newsroom with a rich tradition of terrific journalism.

With the whirlwind surrounding me professionally, it’s been a bit tough to get in my workouts, and I’ve been a little run down for the first time all winter. Ah, yes, it is still winter, and there really doesn’t appear to be much relief in sight this month.

For those of us who are used to battling wind, snow and the resulting floods, spring’s arrival can’t come soon enough. Yes, there may be rising waters again this year, but the cold has taken its toll. It’s time for spring to bring its hint of hope and warmth, offering encouragement and a renewal of spirit for the summer.

As I prepare to leave Bemidji, I realize there are many aspects I’ll miss: new friends and co-workers, the trails and running paths that have become familiar and friendly, unfinished business with helping organize the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon, and the natural beauty of the outdoors that helped lure me here.

But I’m also eager to find new challenges – both professionally and personally – in another terrific community. And while I’ll need time to become acquainted with my new home, I’m going there with a spirit of excitement and eagerness.

I’m looking forward to exploring the Grand Forks community in the same way I’ve discovered the best of many towns I’ve lived and visited: on the run. I’m hoping to find a welcoming community of runners, which I believe there is, and discover the many faces and places both obvious and hidden. Someway, somehow, I’ll aim to continue my quest for Ironman, although my goals may be different. And inevitably I’ll also discover much about my new home on 2 wheels, much like I will on 2 feet. It will be a grand adventure.

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  1. Brian

    Welcome to Grand Forks. Our running club, the Red River Runners, run Saturday mornings at 8:00. We usually start from the Choice Health and Fitness and run a variety of distances. We also have a group run Tuesday nights at 6:00 from the Y. Take a look at our website. http://www.rungrandforks.org

    1. Thanks for the invite, I’m definitely looking forward to meeting up with the club and running with the group. I appreciate the details and hope to meet up for a run shortly after arriving later in April!

  2. Jennifer Johnson

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and find it quite interesting that you will soon be moving to the Grand Forks area, where I run all the time! Perhaps I will actually get to meet you one day. Our community has a great group of runners and you will love it here, just like you have loved every other place and the running experience it offers. Congratulations on your new job!

    1. Thanks, I am looking forward to the move and new places to run, and meeting more runners to share the experience with. I’ve been told there’s a terrific group of runners in Grand Forks, so I’m excited to meet them. Have a great day!

  3. patt rall

    well there you go–just keep up the prose–It’s the only thing that concerns me–Ironman will happen with your determination and physical strength–see you at the Blue Moose!

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