A Little Something, Every Day

The annual holiday lights parade rolled through downtown Fargo last night.

Before the festivities and crowd began to gather, though, several runners took to the streets ran and down Broadway.

It’s a large and eclectic group — usually 40 to 65 people depending on personal schedules and the weather — with set routes through north Fargo. The parade, though, gave some of us an excuse to mix up the route and observe some of the pre-parade atmosphere.

Pretty much anything, including running, in the cold is my least favorite thing to do.

It’s a rare day when I’ll run alone outside in the winter. But a running group — the right group — can make just about anything fun. Running groups provide motivation and a built-in accountability factor, too, for reaching goals or when the wind is blowing and the temperature drops.

Recovering from surgery has also prompted a multi-pronged approach: consistency over distance, stretching, core workouts and an exercise band routine.

It means doing something every day to be a healthier person and better runner. At a bare minimum, stretching happens every day. Some days include a mixture of running and the pre-hab exercises. On non-running days, pre-hab exercises and strength training are built into the day.

All of these require taking a long view.

One of the mistakes I’ve made in the past is doing core exercises when things start to hurt and then stopping when things begin feeling better. But a regular routine will make training better in the short term and stronger racing in the long term.