3 In 29

Not so long ago, perhaps a few months ago, I started a journey in hopes of finding out something about myself.

It’s a journey whose start first embedded in my mind hours after finishing the Surf City USA Marathon in early February. But dealing with injuries, a flood and other trials, the start of the journey remained in doubt.

Then, sometime in April, while logging 60-plus miles a week, I realized I could run a lot of slow miles without being much worse for the wear.

By that time, I had signed up for Grandma’s Marathon. Next I signed up for the Fargo Marathon, and said if I felt OK after the hometown race, I’d squeeze in the Minneapolis Marathon to make it 3 marathons in 29 days.

In many ways, I have learned a lot about myself – during my experiment of one – during this journey. Perhaps I’ve learned more in the past few months than the previous 3 years.

Some of those lessons I’ll share in the coming days, but one thing remains unknown: during each marathon, I found myself able to run faster than the previous, with Saturday’s mark more than 6 minutes faster than my Fargo race, a time that was 12 seconds off my personal best last fall in Chicago.