Going streaking

Nearly every day out on my run, I think about lots of things I should write in my blog when I get home. And, in a rush, I figure I’ll do it first thing when I get logged into work, especially since I tend to show up early.

Inevitably, I jump right into things and the day slips away. By the time I do have a chance to sit down and write, I’m overwhelmed by all the things I could write.

What I failed to write, just a few days after my last post, was how a reader dropped a birthday card off at my work for Coby. Not just a card, though. A card with picture of Golden retriever puppies, a typed “letter” with picture from two Goldens, and a couple of gift cards to help Coby celebrate his birthday. The letter was written with humor and style that still makes me smile. Of course, as I rushed to get out of town, though, I was late on the late reply and thank you. It was appreciated and the random act of kindness made my summer.

As the summer progresses, it seems like we’ve had an amazing stretch of days. Sunny, warm, calm. The mornings have been perfect for running, and I’m in the midst of a streak unlike one I’ve ever experienced.

My streak of consecutive days running has reached into its fourth week, and my legs feel great. I didn’t expect to feel this good. And with 3 straight weeks with more than 50 miles, include a 5K and second-place age group finish at the Bemidji Dragonboat Festival race on the day following a 16-mile jaunt around the lake, I’ve been on a bit of a roll.

In June, I wanted to run every day, but fell short by a handful. Still, I developed strong habits and a routine that has served me well: I missed two days in July but still logged 31 runs. In August, I haven’t missed a day, yet, and I feel great, especially each morning after I get moving and soak in the crisp morning air.

Not every week will end with more miles than the previous one, but this streak has been beneficial in getting me in much better shape. With just less than 12 weeks to the New York City Marathon, my sights are set on a strong run and my spirit filled with anticipation.

Along the way, I plan to run a few half marathons, round up some long runs on the hills and set a course for a strong finish. If I reach my destination, I have a big plan in place as an encore. First, though, my focus remains set on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run New York.

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