Wild Hog Wednesday

For the past few Wednesdays, I’ve joined a group of Grand Forks runners over at the Wild Hog Smokehouse Bar and Grill for an evening run. The outings have quickly become a highlight of this summer, and a chance for me to meet some people in my new (relatively) hometown.

There are several worthwhile advantages: sharing in the camaraderie with other runners, dialing up the pace while I aim to return to pre-injury shape, sharpening my training for the New York City Marathon and having a chance to chat afterward with some really friendly people. Last week, I left inspired as the conversation focused on triathlon, and I’m still feeling the commitment to explore the sport more.

Unlike most, I enjoy running in the heat, and found evening runs in June and early July invigorating. But they do put a crunch on time.

So, I’ve returned to running early, with most mornings offering up phenomenal weather and a great setting to start the day.

However, on Wednesdays, my goal is two workouts, and the legs feel a little heavy during that second run. The leg fatigue also is a bit of a challenge on Thursdays as the morning routine leaves me packing in 3 runs in 24 hours. But I’m not likely to want to skip any of these runs as the accumulated fatigue provides strength for my marathon training.

Along this journey of restoring my running routine, though, it hasn’t been all about mileage. I’ve enjoyed the path, and taking some time to hang out with Coby. This last weekend, we headed to the lake, where he had a chance to swim and play. Since he’s still growing, I’ve been reluctant to have him along for many of my running adventures, but there’s plenty of time for that. In the meantime, my hope is to plan something special for his birthday on Sunday.


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