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After running the Red, White and Boom half marathon, I decided to revisit the App Store for iTunes to see if there were any worthwhile downloads for runners. Mainly, I was looking for a pace calculator.

Flipping through the numerous options, I settled on Pace Calc, which hit the mark. I also found MilePost, which will send inspirational quotes daily to your phone at the time you set.

But I also was looking for an app with a GPS function: something that would serve as a backup or replacement to my Garmin. There are plenty of options available.

As I read the app descriptions, and read the user reviews, I settled on Runmeter. It is pretty much unparalleled in reviews, and there’s a free version. Even so, I decided to pay $4.99 for the Elite version because of the additional options available for the one-time upgrade cost.

On my first run, I simply pressed the start and stop buttons, and used it in conjunction with my Garmin. Runmeter served its purpose.

The next day, after running in really warm temps, I sat on the patio and flipped through the different Runmeter screens. The amount of data available was astounding and I realized how amazingly powerful this tool can be. While I really like my Garmin 910, which is a terrific GPS watch capable of tracking large amounts of data for multiple sports, I still keep a written log – where I keep track of my notes on the weather, shoes and how I feel, particularly if I am dealing with injuries or other aches and pains.

But Runmeter does all of that, too, if you want. It keeps track of weather, including humidity, and files each runs’ data into a calendar, which provides a running mileage total for the week, month and year. I haven’t even explored all of the options, or unlocked the apps’ full potential, and I’m impressed. When I head out of town, and don’t plan to race, there’s no need to bring my Garmin. I’ll just rely on Runmeter on my iPhone.

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    • Jim,
      Sorry, I just saw this comment, not sure why it took so long. My apologies. I use a waist belt, similar to a SpyBelt, made out of neoprene. I also use the build your own system by Nathan. I haven’t been able to find an arm belt that works and at the same time easy to use (i.e. getting the phone in and out). Except on hot days when I run long, I don’t need to worry about the phone getting soaked. I wish I could find the brand of belt I use – I’ve looked all over for them but can’t find any, and mine is worn out. I’m slowly switching to the Nathan system that allows runners to buy individual items to slip onto the belt – they make one that my iPhone fits. Hope that helps, and if you know of a good product, please let me know. Thanks, happy running!

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