Road to recovery

“I dare you to train for a marathon, and not have it change your life.” – Susan Sidoriak

The morning dew settled in heavy drops on the tall grass, glistening in the sun as it crested above the horizon. The trees and greenway offered a silhouette as I ran into the morning.

My road to recovery – each day offers a varying degree of improvement from the spring – is reinforced by blessings such as a perfect June morning. Few people are stirring about so early, even fewer find the motivation to start the day by running or biking.

The goal, for now, is to simply run. Put on miles, slowly build up my endurance, and avoid the injury bug. There are flashes of a goal within a goal – to run every day this month as part of the 30 Days of Running campaign, on my way to training for the New York City Marathon. These goals lure me to create a better version of myself.

Another enticing goal is the Wolf Pack Relay, an intriguing event in Moorhead in which teams of runners take turns running 5K routes. It is a unique twist on a relay event, and is replacing the 81 for 81 event from recent summers.

There are other milestones I’m aiming to complete. My legs are feeling better, but I still need to build up tolerance and mileage. An achy ankle and sore hamstring have me yearning to run injury-free.

It helps to spend time on a bike, too. I rode a few times last week, including a hard effort on Saturday after a morning run. The next day, I set out on foot again for 11 miles. At times, I wonder how it could be this difficult, or whether it was ever easy.

But then I’m think about this morning’s perfect run. And think that tomorrow, on the National Running Day, can be another great day to run.

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