First bold step

“Sometimes, you just have to take the risk. You have to do that thing you’ve been so afraid to do… And sometimes, that’s when you find that you can fly.” – Sue Krebs

A couple months ago, I began developing goals for 2014 and committing myself to a bold action plan.

It was about the time I signed up for the New York City Marathon that I began thinking about other goals to challenge myself while on the journey to running in the Big Apple. For a few weeks, I let one of the goals simmer and then I decided to commit by signing up for something I’ve never done before.

Mostly, I’ve been quiet on the first bold step – the next big challenge – for 2014. But if all goes well, mainly if an ankle injury doesn’t become too severe, I’ll be celebrating the accomplishment and sharing details. To date, I’ve withheld details in the chance I didn’t make it to the start line.

The remainder of the year continues to be a plan in motion: as spring arrives and summer approaches, I hope to add marathons and triathlons to the mix of races and challenges. The exact races, though, yet to be determined as winter winds down.

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