Inside, outside

For the better part of the last week, I’ve started to question my winter weather prowess.

Normally, I’d slip on several layers, lace up a pair of Goretex running shoes and stretch on some ice cleats to head outside. That process once made me a little more hearty than most. Or so I figured.

But so far this year, I’ve opted for the comforts of indoors on nearly all occasions. Instead of sidestepping ice and snow piles, I’ve been zipping around on an odd-shaped indoor track within the confines of a climate-controlled building. The benefit is a safer workout, free from the dangers of icy roads, and probably better workouts because it’s easier to run faster with good footing.

I’ll probably keep telling myself that for the weeks to come.

But, truthfully, I look forward to some days when I’ll get back outside. Despite the layers, and the hazards, it’s fun to run outside. At least when you’re not fighting a 20-mph wind or bitterly cold temps. Even the snow fall over the Red River Valley the past few days offer the perfect setting for a wintery fun run.

Those snowy runs are often best shared with a running partner or group, spread over many miles, and the promise of coffee and pancakes afterward.

Another great option is an adventure on cross country skis and the dog in tow. It appears that Coby is loving the snow, although he’s now finding it a little deeper and not quite as “inviting.” Still, he’s progressing, and meeting new friends at doggie day care.

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