A perfect 17

Striking out  early Saturday morning wasn’t quite in the cards.

But I was determined to reach my mileage goal for the day, especially with a 26K trail race on my plate in 2 weeks. Rarely do I run in the middle of the day so I was concerned that I would want to stop short of my 17-mile goal because of other chores weighing on my mind.

Concerns about the distance – just a half mile longer than last week’s long run – slipped away soon enough. It would be a grind time wise, but the day proved to be perfect for long run: the slightest of breezes, a bright and empty sky and temperatures ideal for an endurance adventure.

My route was a bit unpredictable as I mashed a few different previous paths together, except I ran them in the opposite direction as earlier runs. Heading south of Grand Forks, eventually I arrived on an unfamiliar gravel road – a favorite destination for my adventurous side – and just ran. Slowly. But I ran. And then I found myself on a minimum maintenance road, which is an even better destination.

All of this put me in a position to arrive back home after more than 14 slow miles. It was time to grab Coby and a leash to head to the Grand Forks Greenway so the playful pup could help me finish off a perfect day for running.

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