Frosty start

It was a frosty start to the day.

But armed with 3 layers, I headed out the door today in the pitch dark to find a vacant trail awaiting me.

It was one of those crisp mornings, with frost layering the ground and fallen leaves, to bring your senses alive. My lungs filled with fresh air. The stars appeared extra bright. The rhythm of my run was set by breathing.

Once off the city streets, I jumped on the trail for the return loop home. The winding path broke up the monotony. The night sky proved my only light until I stopped to pick up Coby, who would log more than 2 miles from me.

Lately, the new pup, who just turned 3 months old, has been a trooper. On Saturday, a day after I ran nearly 17 miles while he was playing with new canine buddies at doggy day care, we ran our first 5K together. He set the pace and brought us to the finish line in 29 minutes and 1 second.

We also ran Monday night, and despite an accident, he was playful and trampling around soon enough. And he showed no signs of tiring this morning as we navigated the pre-dawn air, which with wind dipped to 11 degrees.

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