One-day difference

For the first time, Coby and I went running in the snow today.

With small pellets falling from the sky – enough to accumulate on the grass but melt on the warm pavement – we struck out for a Sunday morning jaunt.

To my surprise, Coby easily covered 3.1 miles on Thursday night before our trip to my brother’s house, where we spent the night so I could take the pup to day care. Confident in his ability, we covered the same ground today, although my watch claimed it was exactly 3 miles.

After letting him inside, I headed out for another 3 miles to complete my biggest mileage week since sometime last spring.

The run left my 12-week-old Golden retriever wiped out – but not before we shared some homemade waffles. He’s been sleeping most of the afternoon.

Coby’s proliferation of miles isn’t the only surprise: he spent Friday at doggy day care and left a changed pup. The importance of socialization can’t be overstated, but the one-day difference in his behavior was profound. Less mouthy, he’s beginning to understand that play biting isn’t so fun for others. And he appears to understand all the work we’ve done on house training.

He’ll still make mistakes. But it seems the socialization – research suggests dogs should meet 100 people and 100 dogs within the first 18 weeks of puppyhood – and behavioral modeling have reinforced those important life skills needed for many happy days ahead.

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