Another long view

Don’t fear the distance. Fear not starting. Fear not being true to yourself. If you start, and you’re true to who you are, then you can make the distance.

Those words, or at least some similar words, encompassed my thoughts this morning as I headed down the street on my way to a mid-week long run. Moments later, I decided to aim for 16 miles – 2 more than I had previously planned to run.

One of the best parts of my plan today was that I went down roads I had yet to discover. The weather was perfect. And by putting myself in a position to run 14 miles before returning home to pick up Coby, it forced me to get those extra 2 miles so I wouldn’t feel the guilt of my newest puppy not getting his exercise.

My thoughts turned to work, future race plans and how to raise a better pup. I thought some about the terrain – mostly flat but still scenic as fall lingers in the air – and how it will be different in a few months.

And I thought about how I still believe there’s enough fire left inside to push for a Boston Marathon qualifying time. After having missed it by just a few minutes, and sustaining some injuries and other setbacks, I find myself far from the fitness level needed to compete at the level I would like. But I can get there by taking a long view – getting ready for fighting shape will be a marathon in itself.

There will be some setbacks. It may take months. But perspective, experience and opportunity are on my side.

I will not fear the distance. Instead, I plan to master it.

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