Going the distance at the Twin Cities Marathon

Running a marathon is no small task.

Anyone who’s taken on the 26.2-mile challenge knows it takes months of preparation to successfully complete the journey from start line to finisher’s mat.

For those who regularly run marathons, or have the challenge on the bucket list, there are several terrific marathons in the region. Perhaps Grand Forks will be the next exceptional race added to the list

The Twin Cities Marathon, which adopted the slogan as the Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America, is on the list, and among the best for several reasons: organization, course, spectator support and finisher shirts and medals.

More than 8,800 runners finished the 32nd annual event on Sunday and more than

two dozen of  those hail from the Greater Grand Forks community.

According to early online results, the following runners from Grand Forks finished the Twin Cities Marathon:

Jacob Reed, 3 hours, 21 minutes, 47 seconds; Cassie Tomlinson, 3:28:58; Seth Zygarlicke, 3:29:51; Nicholas Flom, 3:31:54; Holly Dannewitz, 3:40:13; Robert O’Halloran, 3:40:25; Matt Mutzenberger, 3:40:37; Barb Murphy, 3:40:37; Gary Niemeier, 3:41:37; Adam Flynn, 3:51:02; James Lindlauf, 3:51:22; Kent Peterson, 3:54:06; Teresa Bunn, 3:59:40; Jan Kasper, 4:13:55; Valerie Mattern, 4:17:37; Erin Beard, 4:19:50; Riley Qualley, 4:20:45; Brian Larsen-Schmidt, 4:24:34; Andrew Leizens, 4:36:16; Maren Niemeier, 4:38:15; Jaclyn Sand, 5:04:27; Bob Kramer, 5:15:09; Molly Quigley, 5:19:35; Roy Beard, 5:30:14

In addition, two runners from East Grand Forks also finished the race:

Tanya Hjelle, 4:05:17; Bryan Lester, 4:58:43

SUBHED: Homecoming run

If you’re looking for a local race, or just want to show your UND pride by helping support the Wellness Center’s Student Development Fund, then you’ll want to sign up for the Green Gallop Homecoming Run.

The Sunday event, which offers both the 5K and 10K distances, will start and finish at the Wellness Center.

It runs along the English Coulee, campus and the Ralph Engelstad Arena. For more information, visit online at bit.ly/GGUFru.

NOTE: The above post was published as a column in the Grand Forks Herald.

2 thoughts on “Going the distance at the Twin Cities Marathon

  1. Have you heard anything about G.F. adding a fall Marathon? Bemidji is having it’s inaugural Full this weekend, but that seems a couple of weeks too late. I would think that one a week or two prior to the TC one would be best as far as weather goes.

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