The Big Mo

“Momentum is easier to steer than it is to start.” – John C. Maxwell

Over the past week, one word has been at the forefront of my thinking: momentum. In his leadership training, John C. Maxwell refers to momentum as “the big mo.”

It applies in virtually every area of life, and running is just one of them.

If you have momentum as a runner, say in your training, you can really start to see progress. Other important aspects – consistency, discipline, balanced workouts, nutrition and complementary training – play an important role. And they can all work together to get the type of momentum needed to see changes in running performance.

With momentum, running becomes easier. It becomes a lifestyle.

It may start with a fun run, a need to be social or desire to lose weight or curiosity. String enough days of running and it can become habit. That’s why the 30 Days of Running model is so interesting to me. It aims to shift and change behavior by making it fun, but what it really does is help create momentum.

It’s what I’ve been looking for since resettling and working to get back in a groove with my running. It’s likely to take some time to return to the running form I once had. Without momentum, though, it is impossible to get there.

Perhaps you’ve heard it takes three weeks to form a habit. Similarly, it takes time to develop momentum. Once you have momentum, it’s easier to get where you want to go.

This past summer, my training suffered from a “yo-yo” effect: 2 weeks of solid training, a week of poor to no training. It was impossible to get the momentum back to put in good mileage.

Hopefully, I am past that now. This week marked the third good week of miles, and it didn’t come easy.

With a day off on Friday, I was able to get out for more than 6 miles in the morning. As I finished up, my friend, Tim, asked if I wanted to run Friday night (we had planned a longer Saturday run).

It was a tough challenge: physically, running 2 times in a day is more difficult than one long run. And while the morning was windy and gray, it was dry. But Friday night was a different story.

We ran into the teeth of the weather: 30 mph and a driving rain. I’m guessing the motorists who encountered us on the county roads must’ve thought we were crazy. As I told Tim, we were the sane ones for running regardless of the weather.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the momentum I need.

One thought on “The Big Mo

  1. It’s nice to see you writing on a more regular basis again. I am always looking for inspiration/motivation to stay with a consistent running routine (failing!), and seeing others experience similar struggles, and how they get through them is very helpful and encouraging. Keep up with great work in both your writing contributions and running goals!

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