Into October

With a terrific run Sunday, I looked to push into October with a renewed consistency.

My long run was followed by daily runs of 5, 6 and 5 miles. The best part is that I’ve wanted to do each of the runs, and I’m aiming to rebuild the routine that made marathoning a staple of my training.

As runners, we face some challenge times heading into October. Will inclement weather force you to stay indoors? Will the snow, wind, rain or cold keep you from attaining goals? Rather than look for reasons to stay put, and hit snooze a few times in the early morning, I’m excited for the challenge.

With mornings like today’s sunrise, and Coby accompanying me, my motivation is likely to stay pretty high.

2 thoughts on “Into October

  1. I see a new puppy in your pics—belated yet sincere sympathy on the passing of Riley. This new guy sort of looks like you too!!

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