Touch of color

Winding my way along the Grand Forks Greenway, a smile flashed across my face as I thought about all the reasons to be thankful.

Among those is living in a community where the running culture is becoming more evident each week. It helps to have a successful event like the Wild Hog Half Marathon to spark interest and introduce new runners to racing. Often, the excitement about a race prompts a person to sign up, and then the running bug hits. And once running becomes a habit, a healthier lifestyle often ensues.

Another reason to be thankful this morning: the touch of color in the leaves as I ran in the brisk fall sunlight. While I dodged in and out of the shadows of the trees along my route, the vivid colors provided sensory overload.

I couldn’t have drawn up a better, more perfect morning.

All that positive thinking and energy paid off: this morning marked the best run I’ve had in at least a couple months.

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