A solid 40

After heading out for a 5-mile run this morning, I returned home with the idea that I’d grab Coby and taking him for a brisk, short run.

His first “official” run ended up being about a half mile, and at 8 weeks, he kept up pretty well. The leash proved to be a little awkward at times, but he ran fast enough to stay next to me. It turned into a thrill to see this little caramel colored puppy, ears pinned back and in full stride, running alongside me. Forty-five minutes later, he was still leaping and bouncing around at home while I prepared to head out the door for work.

If this morning is any indication, it seems we’re going to be pretty good running partners.

It also gives me the extra motivation to keep up a consistent routine. After a solid 40 miles last week, the consistency of running every day will be key in getting back into racing shape.

The running is a reward in itself, but it will be that much more fun to share it with Coby.


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