Friday Night Lights

For most of the week, I had been looking forward to Friday night.

And the occasion didn’t disappoint.

A few years ago, one of my buddies, Tim, and I would head out of town on Friday nights and run the hilly gravel roads in Minnesota’s rural Clay County. There were several benefits, in particular the challenge of running long after the fatigue of the work week. It also provided for recovery overnight, giving tired and sore muscles a break, and the chance to bounce back with both a recovery run on Saturday and tailored training run Sunday that focused on whatever system I hoped to improve.

Well, we did it again this past Friday night.

And it gave me a chance to do a bit of freestyle running (making up the course on the go) and I took the opportunity, since I was in Fargo to visit my brother, to catch ESPN’s Game Day set in downtown Fargo.

By the time we reached downtown, we had logged more than 7 miles, and it was fun to see how the college football show had set up on Broadway. The Friday night lights were out, along with hundreds of people armed with cameras and a curiosity to see a major network’s plans for a live show.

It reinforced several reasons I love to run: It gave me a different perspective on the city. I logged a good run with a friend, and gave us a chance to chat along the way. The act of running hopefully is contagious (at least one person shot a photo of us running along Broadway with the Fargo Theater marquee in the background.). And I can see cool things on the run, without having to stick around.

It also was nice to have a perfect night to run: a crisp night on the brink of fall and a nearly full moon above illuminating the way. Simply invigorating.

Over the years, I’ve explored some terrific places – across the country – while on the run. It’s prompted me to do things I might not have normally taken the time to do. This most recent run just gave me the chance to explore and get a peek at today’s live TV broadcast.

This morning, before the sun rose, I was up with my new pup, Coby. I had plans of taking him to downtown Fargo before the Game Day show started because I knew he’d get lots of attention from passersby. He’d see and hear all kinds of new things for his 8-week-old eyes and ears. For socialization purposes, I couldn’t ask for a better scenario as I work to nurture him into the dog he should be.

Minutes after arrival downtown, a woman stopped and asked if I was the runner. She then proceeded to treat Coby to a warm greeting and mention she reads the blog.

Coby went on to meet dozens during the next 45 minutes we were there. And I left with a terrific compliment and inadvertently seeing several people I hadn’t seen in quite some time. It turned into as much fun as my Friday Night Lights run.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. Imagine my delight to see your Coby AND to see him snuggling up in a pair of NB Minimus!! I converted to minimalist running last year and it has been life changing! Old running injuries melted away as I slowing learned to change my running style (from heel striker to mid/fore foot striker). So glad your running weekend was so memorable. Coby is lucky to have you to socialize him!

    • Thanks! Coby seems to like shoes, especially my cache of running shoes. Another minimalist convert? I would love to hear more about what the change meant, and what running was like before and after the decision to go to a minimalist shoe. I’m a believer, but don’t wear them all the time (but I do for races, including marathons!).

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