Speed and distance

So raising another pup has its advantages. And disadvantages.

I like the challenge of molding and training an animal who will be a family member, seeing the rewards of the work and watching him or her “get it.” Plus I’ll have a running partner, and by the early signs, Coby is going to be a really good running partner. But we just need to get past the house training and then some basic command training.

The other disadvantage is that I haven’t been able to write this week. Until now.

On my mind is tonight, when I’m planning a longer run with a running pal. For reasons previously documented, my mileage has been down.

Tonight, though, I’m looking at getting back into double digits for a run, a feat I haven’t done in a couple months. It will help build the foundation for my training, and the upcoming desert trail series I’m planning. For my running pal, he wants to run after dark because of races he’s planning.

Earlier in the week, I was able to put together 3 early runs. Each run was been a reward in itself, even if it’s tough to get up a few hours before sunrise.

On Monday, I looked at my smartphone and found that a slight breeze brought the wind chill to 33. That was a bit cold but it made for a refreshing run.

The next day, the temperature was significantly warmer – 50 degrees – and there was a stiff wind. Still, it was a ton of fun, out before the sun even began to slip above the horizon, and combining a couple of new routes. The out-and-back route was rewarding, especially having spotted some deer prancing in the dim light ahead.

And Wednesday brought even warmer temps, and I decided to head to a more urban route. The east-west route also assured a constant breeze to help keep me cool.

Near the end of the run, I realized that speed and distance are not part of my running arsenal right now. Taking a long view, though, I plan to add both, although speed can be a subjective concept. Tonight I’ll begin working on the distance.

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