The ups and downs of August

August is a tough month.

In many aspects, it is my favorite due to the hot weather, the symbolism of the harvest and an opportunity to celebrate the best of the summer before a change in seasons.

But it’s been tough in other regards.

And because many of this blog’s readers – hundreds, if not thousands – are familiar with Riley, my affable and amiable Golden retriever, it is time for another update.

Earlier this year, Riley faced an uncertain future with a substantially frustrating and pessimistic diagnosis. My writings here became much less frequent, part in response to the changes I faced, but also as a reflection of attention elsewhere. In the time I’ve written this blog, I’ve been quite open about my life as a runner. And I’ve shared plenty of details about adventures and experiences of life with Riley.

Through those musings and blog posts, Riley gained quite a bit of notoriety. He’s been a hit nearly everywhere he’s gone. His good nature, kindness and playfulness has been a hallmark of his personality.

Some readers have inquired about Riley and his health. Many friends are fans of all the photos I’ve posted on Facebook.

His quality of life has taken a dramatic turn. And I’m saddened that it isn’t for the better. Another way, and reason, why August is a bittersweet month. Until the next update, though, here’s a few pictures I took Wednesday of Riley (including one with me).

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