On a tear

This year’s been a monumental one in many ways, offering change and challenges and opportunities that I continue to embrace.

Most of the changes have been terrific: new career opportunities offer a chance to work with a large pool of talented professionals, challenges to drive professional and personal growth and development, and obstacles that force a new perspective on life.

Some of those have been documented here in the blog. Many friends and acquaintances have read updates for Riley, my adorably friendly and personable golden retriever, as he’s struggled with cancer. It’s been a roller coaster, and the pendulum swings are too wide and frequent to continually write about. Much remains unknown.

Other changes include a major decline in my running fitness, mileage and endurance. The toll has been been some unwanted pounds, less energy, missing out on my staple running races (including Grandma’s and Ragnar) and, most recently, a tear in my Achilles.

The latter event can be traced back to a specific day last week on uneventful early morning run.

But this isn’t a pity session.

Quite the opposite. I feel motivated and encouraged that I have a chance to put some distance between the stress of a long resettlement in Grand Forks (including several months of daily commuting from Fargo) and a rebirth in my running. It allows me to relax and release myself from the rigors of moving, and remodeling my new home, and pour energy into the mental preparations for the fitness challenges ahead.

My soul and passion for running is rekindled. I plan to regain my fitness, and surpass it, to enjoy the challenges and successes ahead. I’m looking forward to meeting new running friends and learning new routes in my new hometown. I’ll cherish and keep strong ties to my running buddies elsewhere, and find the motivation to push myself as an athlete.

It’s going to take a lot of work to return to my former running self. But I don’t plan on stopping there. I plan to be better. And all the past challenges and opportunities will make for a brilliant future.

3 thoughts on “On a tear

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your injury, but am anxious to welcome you into the Grand Forks Running community. There’s a Red River Runners group run every Tuesday night at Lincoln Park through September if you’re interested. I’m leading a beginners running group, but there’s others that go faster and further.

  2. Sorry to hear about the achilles. I have no doubt you will get back into your best running shape ever! Good luck with the Grand Forks running scene and if you ever find yourself visiting in Fargo, be sure to contact your old running buds. I would be glad to run with you.

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