Not so fast

If three words could sum up this year for me, it’s really quite simple.

Running? Not so fast. An easy or quick home selling and buying process. Not so fast. Finding out exactly what is ailing Riley, my adorable golden retriever? Not so fast.

Currently there are no answers for each of those big questions.

When it comes to running, the transition has proved impossible for keeping up mileage, pace or race plans. My running has been erratic and inconsistent. Some weeks I feel like I’m about to turn a corner – build on my mileage and fitness – and focus on getting back into marathon shape. Usually, the next week sets me straight and provides enough distraction and disruption to really get in a good groove.

Still, I’m optimistic that soon I’ll find that consistency important in good training. And hopefully the other “not so fast” elements will follow. Riley went into the vet clinic for another round of testing, which proved inconclusive, and he’ll have to undergone another blood draw as the doctor searches for a diagnosis.

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